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Suite101 new article: Angelic Layer

Posted by Reiko on February 19, 2007

I decided that I had fun writing about Marmalade Boy, so I’d write another anime review, Angelic Layer this time. The anime section on Suite101 is pretty slim, really. There are some old reviews, and a couple of general articles by the guy who runs the Animated Film section, but there’s really not much there. If I write more about anime, I think I might write one about characters named Hikaru. There are several I know off the top of my head. There’s even one in Angelic Layer, Misaki’s Angel. There’s also the main character from Hikaru no Go; one of the main girls, Hikaru Shidou, from Magic Knight Rayearth; and probably others as well. Or maybe I’ll write about magical thief anime series. There are at least four I know about (Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, Saint Tail, D.N. Angel, and Mouse).

I’ve actually got another project, though – bringing the world of interactive fiction to Suite101. :) I’ve already got two articles written and almost ready to upload, but I was inspired by an article about interactive fiction by the guy who runs the Video Games section. So I’m contacting him first to see if he already has anything planned, so I don’t interfere with what he’s doing. I hope he doesn’t have anything planned though, because I’ve got lots of things planned. :D I’m actually hoping that the staff might eventually make it a separate section, because I’m not convinced it really goes under video games. I mean, come on, text adventures? That’s like the opposite of video games.


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Suite101 new article: Marmalade Boy

Posted by Reiko on February 7, 2007

I’ve got another article up. I decided I wanted to polish the book review some more first, so I ended up writing a review of the anime for Marmalade Boy, instead. It can be found here: Anime Review: Marmalade Boy.

I’ve seen the whole series all the way through, but at one point, I was actually watching it raw, without subtitles, to practice Japanese. It was working pretty well, because I knew the story and all. Since I haven’t seen it in a couple years, and since my Japanese is rusty now anyway, it might not work so well if I went back to it now. I’d like to though, if I ever find the time…but Jeff’s wanting me to watch Eyeshield 21 for now, because it’s an anime about football, and he wants me to learn as much about football as possible. It’s actually a good anime, although I still don’t care about football. I guess it helps to understand it somewhat, anyway. If I watch enough of it, I’ll probably write a review of it too.

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