Reiko's Ramblings and Writings

What I'm reading and writing about lately.


I have a lot of different interests. I’ll probably be writing mostly about my interests, so here’s a preview of the sorts of things I might be writing about.

Scholarly Interests:

  • Aerospace engineering
  • Astronomy
  • Japanese language and culture
  • Linguistics
  • Creation/evolution debate
  • Biblical history


  • Video games (especially RPGs)
  • Interactive Fiction (or text adventures)
  • Japanese music
  • Anime and manga
  • Science fiction/fantasy books

One Response to “Interests”

  1. Kasey said

    Hi Reiko, I’m a bookmoocher with an outstanding request for one of your books. I see that you haven’t been on BM for thirty days. Have you given up on BM? That would be a shame, but if so, could you let me know that you will not send me the book? I’d appreciate it. BTW, have you discovered It seems as though you would enjoy that site.
    Kasey (kaseya)

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